Work & Employment Laws In The Gambia

Are there issues between you and co-workers or management at work?

Conflicts at work can take many forms. It might be another person with a grievance against you, a problem between you and a manager or a conflict between you and another co-workers.

For example:

  • You have been fired from your work without any procedure or notice.
  • You have applied for your pension from your employer but nothing has happened.
  • Your employer has made deductions from your salary but hasn’t been paying it to the Government.
  • Your employer hasn’t paid you your salary.
  • You have been promised benefits but nothing has happened.

What you can do

If you have a work or employment matter that you need legal help with, we suggest that you first see if you qualify for legal support.

If you feel you do qualify for free legal support and representation, then contact us and one of our legal advisors will guide you on the way forward.

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