Pro Bono Lawyers & Legal Aid – Terms Of Service

Pro Bono Lawyers & Legal Aid – Terms Of Service

We would like to help as many private individuals and not-for-profit organisations as possible with our limited resources.

We therefore ask that all applicants commit to our process and agree to:

  • respond appropriately, promptly, and accurately to requests for information
  • keep us updated – for example if circumstances change and the advice is no longer needed
  • engage with our evaluation process, including completing all feedback surveys.

We also ask that all applicants agree and acknowledge that:

  • we will need to share their information and sensitive data with member law firms and in-house teams in order to broker the advice requested;
  • unfortunately we cannot guarantee that we can find a lawyer, nor that one can be found within a set time frame; and
  • ultimately the decision as to whether we can help remains entirely at the discretion of Gambia Legal Support and will be on a case-by-case basis.