Pro Bono Legal Advice Clinics In The Gambia

Pro Bono Legal Advice Clinics In The Gambia

At our Pro Bono legal advice clinics, our volunteer team of barristers, trainee solicitors and law students help people in The Gambia who cannot afford legal support.

The Gambia Legal Support Clinics are run by volunteers. Law students, trainee solicitors and qualified lawyers will provide free face-to-face legal advice.

We do not however provide casework or representation, although we can refer cases on where necessary.

We are a volunteer-run advice service, and we provide free, confidential and high quality legal advice on the following topics.

  • Monday – Employment Rights, Immigration Law
  • Wednesday – General Advice
  • Thursday – Housing, Consumer Rights and Debt Advice
  • Saturday – Women Only General Advice

New clients

If you are a new client you can drop in to our advice centre between 10.00 am-4.00pm Monday-Friday so that we can initially assess your issue.

Once you have been initially assessed we will then, if appropriate, make an appointment for you to attend the free legal advice clinic.

Returning clients

All returning clients should contact the service by telephone, we will then assess whether or not we are able to assist you further.

What do I need to bring with me to the meeting?

Family and personal issues

  • any paperwork or letters relating to the issue
  • court documents or legal agreements
  • proof of your income

Other problems

Any paper work, letters or other correspondence relating to the issue

What to expect?

Although we may need to match cases with particular advisers, on occasion you may not be seen in the order that your arrive.

Some sessions are very busy and it might involve waiting several hours to be seen by one of our advisers. We can advise you of the approximate waiting time upon your arrival. All returning clients can be seen by appointment only and you will be told at your first appointment if a further appointment is necessary.

What happens at an appointment?

You will have already discussed your issue with an initial assessment volunteer and an appointment will have been made for you to see an adviser. Please present yourself at the reception desk and you will be asked to sign in. We may use some of the information to produce anonymous statistics, evaluate and improve our work, but we will not share any personal details with external groups without your consent. At the advice session, you will have approximately 15 minutes to explain an issue and receive basic advice on the next steps to take.

What do I need to bring with me to the appointment?

It is important that the adviser you speak to has as much information about your case as possible. If you don’t bring the necessary paperwork with you, you may have to come back another time.