Private Individuals’ Eligability And Guidence

Private Individuals’ Eligability And Guidence

Examples of legal matters our volunteers can help with include:

Clinical negligence – Problems with your medical care and treatment

Community care  –  You’re unhappy with the care you or a relative are getting due to disability, age or special educational needs

Debt – Bankruptcy, repossession, mortgage debt that is putting your home at risk

Domestic abuse – Abuse at home (psychological, physical, financial, sexual or emotional), child abuse, harassment by an ex-partner, forced marriage

Discrimination – Being treated unfairly because of eg your race, gender or sexual orientation

Education – Special educational needs, problems with school places, exclusions, learning difficulties

Employment – Being treated unfairly at work, unfair dismissal, employment tribunals

Family – Divorce, separation, dissolution, financial arrangements, family mediation, arrangements for your children, children being taken into care, child abduction

Housing – Eviction, homelessness, losing your rented home, rent arrears, harassment by a landlord or neighbour, health and safety issues with your home

Immigration and asylum – Applying for asylum or permission to stay in The Gambia, including for victims of human trafficking

Mental health – Help with mental health and mental capacity legal issues

Personal injury – An accident that was not your fault

Public law – Taking legal action against a public body, like your local council

Trouble with the police and other public authorities – You’ve been treated wrongly by the police or other authorities with the power to detain, imprison or prosecute you.

If you have a problem and need legal advice to resolve it, you may be able to get help from a legal adviser or an organisation which specialises in your problem.