Not For Profit Eligibility Criteria & Guidance

Eligability And Guidence For NGOs & Charities

We will ask about the not-for-profit organisation’s ability to pay for legal advice and its annual income.  We will also look at the most recent accounts (or, if not available, the business plan showing income projections).

If annual income is GMD 500,000 or less, we will presume an inability to pay.  If annual income is higher than this, we may ask more about why the organisation will struggle to pay for the advice requested.

You will be eligible for help through the Gambia Legal Support Not-For-Profits Programme if:

  • the not-for-profit organisation is focused on helping people who are in need in The Gambia.
  • the not-for-profit organisation cannot pay for or will struggle to pay for legal advice, representation or support

NGOs, Charities, Associations And Community Groups

Examples of not-for-profit organisations we give priority to are below.  These examples are illustrative only, they are not exhaustive.

Not-for-profit organisations working to improve:

  • access to justice;
  • advice and information services for those in need;
  • employability or education for disadvantaged groups; or
  • health, well being, or community support for vulnerable people.

Not-for-profit organisations focussed on individuals affected by:

  • poverty;
  • disabilities or physical/mental health conditions;
  • homelessness; or
  • crime or discrimination.

Not-for-profit organisations providing services to help:

  • disadvantaged children, young people, or elderly persons;
  • refugees and asylum seekers; or
  • current and/or ex-offenders.