Pro Bono Free Legal Assistance For Private Individuals

Pro Bono Legal Assistance For Individuals

The Gambia Legal Support For Individuals Programme helps connect volunteer lawyers, barristers and solicitors with individuals in The Gambia who need but can not afford legal advice, representation or support.

Pro bono legal services may be provided free of charge when clients have no other access to legal advice or where their case raises a wider issue of public interest.

It will generally be difficult to obtain pro bono legal assistance for a commercial dispute and or where you have substantial means or assets.

It may also be difficult to obtain pro bono legal services in some areas of criminal law and family law.

How Gambia Legal Support Can Help.

Where an individual needs help with a one-off legal issue, we match the individual with a volunteer lawyer from our network of member law firms and in-house legal teams who can advise on that matter.

If you are representing yourself in court or at a tribunal  or thinking of it, there may be free help and advice you can get at different stages of your case.

You’ll be asked general questions about your legal problem and your income and savings and you’ll be told where you can get legal advice. The legal advice is given for free (pro bono).

Gambia Legal Support Services

Legal Advice: We may be able to offer legal advice. Our pro bono lawyers have specialist knowledge and can provide advice about your specific case, help you work out if it’s worth taking it to court, and explain court procedures, and rules.

Representation: You may be able to find representation. Somebody may be able to come with you to your court or tribunal hearing and speak for you, telling the court or tribunal about your case.

Emotional Support: We can provide someone to talk to and someone to come to court with you to support you.

Practical Advice:  We can help you with practical tasks that don’t require in-depth specialist legal knowledge – for example, they can help you organise your papers and your thoughts, explain what happens in court, and refer you to legal advice agencies.

General Guidance: General guidance is available to explain processes, or the law, and the best information that can help you work out what to do, and how to do it, but is not tailored to your exact situation.


How to apply.

Applying for help is simple:

  1. Check you are eligible. Click here.
  2. If you are eligible, complete our online application form here

​We will then work with you to gather more information and see how we can help.