Pro Bono Legal Support In Gambia

Equal access to justice remains a challenge for the majority of people in The Gambia. Aside from the limited provision of state-funded legal aid, a large number of Gambians have no access to the proper legal advice and representation needed to access the Gambian judicial system.

Pro Bono Lawyers & Legal Aid In The Gambia

Gambia Legal Support facilitates the provision of pro bono or free legal services for the poor by volunteer private lawyers. The first and only organisation of its kind in the country, our innovative model channels specialist pro bono legal assistance to the most vulnerable and marginalised people in The Gambia

What is Pro Bono Legal Assistance?

Pro bono comes from the latin phrase “pro bono publico” which means for the public good.

In the legal context it generally means the provision of free legal advice and services to individuals, charities and community groups who cannot afford to pay for that advice or representation and where public and alternative means of funding are not available.

Pro Bono Legal Advice In The Gambia

If you need in depth, specialist and professional legal advice, representation or support about a specific legal issue or problem that you, your organisation or your community are facing in The Gambia, you may be entitled to free legal services under one of the Gambia Legal Support Programs.

Pro Bono Legal Services For Individuals

Getting proper legal advice and help at court can help you through the legal process and may increase your chances of getting the outcome you want.  Gambia Legal Support can provide you with legal information, legal advice and assistance, or legal representation.

If you are concerned about the costs and fees of Gambian lawyers or worried about the expense of hiring a lawyer in The Gambia, please contact us for a free no obligation preliminary discussion or click here.

Pro Bono Legal Aid For NGOs & Charities

NGOs, charities and community groups are eligible for the Gambia Legal Support Not-For-Profit Program if:

  • You are a small not-for-profit organisation focussed on helping people who are in need in The Gambia.
  • Your not-for-profit organisation cannot pay for legal advice, or would struggle to pay. We will ask about the organisation’s ability to pay for legal advice and look at the most recent accounts.
  • You agree to our terms of service. These include being responsive and engaging with your Honorary Counsel and our evaluation processes.

For more information on our eligibility criteria and for some examples of not-for-profit organisations we give priority to, click here.

Pro Bono Legal Advice For Gambian NGOs

The Honorary Counsel scheme matches small not-for-profit organisations with volunteer lawyers on a longer-term basis, to carry out legal health checks and to give pro bono legal advice when needed.

Our legal volunteers can advise on the following

  • Better governance
  • Improve ability to access funding
  • Optimise resources
  • Avoid or resolve future legal issues
  • Improve the organisation’s sustainability
  • Maintain or expand services
  • Avoid litigation or court proceedings
  • Improve efficiency
  • Meet Targets
  • Deliver Goals

Pro Bono Lawyers In Africa – Gambia Legal Support

If you would like pro bono legal advice or referral to an appropriate service, please contact click here.

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